Birth Doula Services
Birth Doula Services

Infant Sleep Education

This is sleep education – NOT sleep training!

It is for families who want to get more sleep, but aren’t interested in sleep training. It includes gentle, compassionate, and age-appropriate strategies that are respectful of babies and toddlers.

You will learn the science behind infant and maternal sleep and the biological norms of infant sleep. (For example, waking multiple times, even past six months is developmentally appropriate and important for infant brain development!)

This service is offered in-home or via Skype/phone. I also host regular workshops in the Peel Region called ‘Dream On! The Art and Science of Infant Sleep’.

I will work with you to uncover the root of the issue(s) your family is facing, and help you to create empowering solutions for lasting change – while protecting the sacred bond between you and your baby.

Workshop: The Art and Science of Infant Sleep

This is a two hour workshop to help you understand infant sleep. Learn about normal sleep patterns, how to ensure safe sleep, parenting to sleep tools, tricky times and sweet spots during the first two years, tips to achieve healthy family balance, creating a healthy attitude about sleep from the start for less issues later, nighttime parenting, self care and so much more!

Private classes are tailored to meet your unique needs with custom recommendations and lots of time for discussion and questions.



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Infant Sleep Consultation

  • available in person at your home, or via telephone and includes:
  • A one hour in depth consulting call to determine your goals and discuss recommendations and strategies, along with a wellness assessment for the parent doing the majority of the nighttime parenting
  • A Customized Sleep Strategy Package for the family delivered within 48 hours of the initial call
  • Two 30-minute follow up coaching calls
  • E-mail support for three weeks after the initial Sleep Strategy Package is delivered
  • A home visit allows me get to know your baby, observe their temperament, observe parental interactions, and provide you with solutions that are customized to your unique space, while also being able to demonstrate techniques in person for you to observe and practice.
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