Inspiring Confidence in Birth and Postpartum.

Inspiring Confidence in Birth and Postpartum.

Amelia Rebolo
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Are you ready to have an amazing birth but not sure how to make it happen?

Maybe you're a bit nervous and fearful about how the whole process will unfold and looking for someone who can guide you along the path towards a beautiful and gentle birth while helping you feel calm and confident.

Having an experienced guide can help demystify the whole "birth thing" and make the process so much easier and fulfilling than you ever thought it could be.



"Amelia is an absolute blessing. I wish our paths had connected earlier in life because her patience and caring nature would have been welcomed in my earlier pregnancies and postpartum times. Thank you for supporting my family these last few crazy weeks!"

- Diana R

"As a first time mama, Amelia was a great support. She made time to talk with me over the phone and answer my questions I had in between. Amelia had wonderful suggestions to help me relax and connect my perception of motherhood to reality. I'd recommend Amelia to all mamas, new and experienced!"

- Marianne

"I had Amelia as a doula during my pregnancy. She was very nice, I see her like my sister. I am new in Canada and a single mom of three kids. It was a very good experience to have a doula especially on the day of delivery. She was every second with me and holding my hands and supporting me in every way she could."

- Firouzeh H

"I am an older first time Mom who experienced difficulty getting pregnant. When we finally got the positive test result, we were shocked but elated! My husband and I discussed the possibility of a doula as I wanted additional professional support during my pregnancy, at the birth and after delivery. I found Amelia through another doula that I had contacted. We set up an initial meeting and both my husband and I were impressed with her knowledge and caring nature. We did not take long to decide to make the investment in ourselves and our long awaited baby and hire Amelia to join the journey with us!

From the many questions and concerns she helped me with via email and text during my pregnancy, to the prenatal visits, her attendance at our baby’s birth and after the birth, she was amazingly supportive, knowledgeable and loving. Amelia was also able to suggest various amazing resources for me from her vast network.

After a very long and grueling labour, I ended up having an emergency C-section. I was especially thankful for Amelia being with me after the birth so my husband could be with our daughter in the NICU. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without her.

I highly recommend Amelia, she made the world of difference to our family during the whole process and we will be forever grateful to her!"

- Jennifer D.
"Amelia is very dedicated to her work, passionate about those she surrounds herself with, and extremely caring. Her compassion and nurturing know no bounds, and I am so thankful to have her in my life."
- Christie H.

"Amelia is an amazing support and so knowledgeable in all things relating to birth and parenting! She's down to earth, easy to talk to and dedicated to a positive outcome for anyone she works with. Since she is so hardworking and caring, being a Doula comes naturally to her."

- Jennifer L.

"Amelia was a blessing to have at the time of my delivery. I felt connected with her right away due to her calm and nurturing personality. She was very supportive and mindful of my personal preferences. Her hands on massage techniques helped me through my labor without any pain medications. She is a great support system for an expecting couple throughout the pregnancy and even after."

- Ayesha B.

"I had my placenta encapsulated with Amelia and it was a great experience from beginning to finish. Already being an acupuncturist, I was hoping she'd included some traditional herbs into my placenta preparation and she was happy to do it. She picked up my placenta quickly on the day of my babe's arrival at home and promptly delivered it back. I used them and noticed a wonderful increase in my milk supply. I had more than enough and didn't need to use them all. They're stored in my freezer for now and will be used in the future when I need some hormonal balancing."

- Tara A.

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Everything you need, your courage, strength, compassion and love; everything you need is already within you. – unknown