Birth Doula Services
Birth Doula Services

Labour Support

The support of a doula has been shown to reduce interventions and improve how parents feel about the outcome of their birth (regardless of how it unfolded). As a doula – and a mother – I understand that your birth is extremely important to you, and an experience you will remember all your life.

When you hire me as your birth doula, here’s what you can expect:

Prenatal period

We will work together closely leading up to your birth to discuss and identify your goals and any fears you may have. We will create a ‘birth preferences’ document, and I will help you unpack any fears or concerns you may have.

You will have access to me for email, telephone and text support from the time of hire, and can rely on me for answers to your questions and evidence-based resources so you can make informed decisions.

During the birth

I will be with you from the start of active labor until your baby is born, to provide emotional and physical support as you need it, as well as an objective viewpoint and a second set of hands.

I will make sure you have the information you need to make informed decisions about your care and any interventions. I will also work to enhance your connection with your partner, and support them in supporting you in the best way they can.

After the birth

I will stay by your side for one to two hours to help you adjust, provide breast or bottle feeding support and education, walk you through the newborn exam and answer any other questions you or your partner have.


Birth support includes:

  • Two prenatal visits

  • Reiki energy healing (if desired at one of your prenatal visits)

  • use of a rebozo and my TENS machine.

  • Talk and Text support from the time of hire

  • Full Birth Attendance

  • One postpartum visit

  • Add-on any other service to save 10%

Birth Doula Services
Birth Doula Services

Birth is about so much more than the big day!  Postpartum support hours, placenta encapsulation services and Infant Sleep Education are all important pieces to a postpartum plan that ensures you are supported!

Basic Birth Support

  • Two Prenatal Visits
  • Full birth attendance
  • 1 postpartum visit
  • Use of a TENS machine and rebozo

Self-Care Special

  • Everything from the basic package
  • 12 hours of postpartum care
  • One Sleepbelt
  • Postpartum wellness gift

Full Service Support

  • Everything from the basic package
  • One Sleepbelt
  • 24 hours of postpartum care
  • Deluxe postpartum wellness gift

Everything you need, your courage, strength, compassion and love; everything you need is already within you. – unknown