Birth Doula Services
Birth Doula Services

Eight Tips to a Great Postpartum Period

By Amelia Rebolo | Mar 2, 2018
Postpartum Doula Care

As a birth worker, I talk about labour and birth all the time. I work with clients to create birth plans to help prepare for the big day. Yet, there is little time spent preparing for after baby arrives, when you are healing from birth, tired and sore, all while caring for a brand new human! So, I thought I would share some tips here on how you can prepare to have a great postpartum period. 1. Fill your Freezer. I cannot emphasize the importance of delicious nutritious foods in your freezer before your baby arrives enough. Sure, you might…

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Giving Birth at Brampton Civic Hospital: An Insider’s Guide

By Amelia Rebolo | Feb 7, 2018

Are you wondering what it’s like to give birth at Brampton Civic Hospital? Brampton Civic Hospital is the closest hospital to where I live, and serves the over 500, 000 people living in the city of Brampton. It is the only birth facility in our city, aside from the option of home birth if you are being cared for by midwives or giving birth at one of the hospitals located in Mississauga. In this post you’ll find tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way. I won’t call them “secrets” but they are things I’ve learned through experience and trial…

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My Personal Journey To Sleep Educator

By Amelia Rebolo | Oct 23, 2017
birth and postpartum doula services

Ever since I became a parent myself, sleep and attachment theory have been near and dear to my heart. You see, when I became a parent, I had no idea what normal infant sleep was supposed to look like. I grew up with many people telling me that babies wake up all the time. I also grew up with the stories of my own sleep habits, including that as a baby I didn’t really wake. I was what we call “a good baby.” So, with such an abundance of conflicting information, I had no idea what I was in for…

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Birth plan creation tips.

By Amelia Rebolo | Oct 14, 2017

As you prepare for birth, you may (or may not) have a clear picture of how you want that experience to look. You may wish to have a drug-free vaginal childbirth, or you may want an epidural. With both of these scenarios and any other scenario that may arise, birth does not always go according to the plan we set out in our mind’s eye. At some point an intervention may be proposed, changing the birth plan. These types of situations may happen suddenly, or unfold slowly over the course of the birth. Preparation is key to coping well with…

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How did I decide between Midwife or Doula?

By Amelia Rebolo | Aug 29, 2017
midwife or doula

I am a maternal support practitioner (doula) because I feel a call to service in a way that is meaningful and spiritually satisfying. For me, this takes the shape of caring for women’s emotional and psychological needs during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. I recognize the deep impact birth has on each and every mother, and wish to provide support that is focused on the psychological wellbeing of the mother and not clinical tasks. In Ontario, midwives are covered by OHIP as highly skilled healthcare providers. If you have a midwife, you do not have an Obstetrician, as they…

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Taking the confusion out of cloth diapers!

By Amelia Rebolo | Aug 29, 2017
Cloth Diapers

Cute little babies sporting these adorable cloth diapers are popping up everywhere, and you’re wondering if it’s as easy as it looks in the pictures. I mean, what do you do with the poop? There are whole blog posts dedicated to this topic! As far as cloth diapers go, we have seen a renewal in their popularity. Today’s cloth diapers are not your mother’s cloth diapers from the 70s and 80s with safety pins and rubber pants. These cloth diapers are fun, trim fitting and covered in super cute prints. If you’re thinking that you might like to give cloth…

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