Why I left

Why I left the system. In September 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic I gave birth to my fourth baby. This time, I did things differently. Read a little bit about why below, there will be much more to come on this topic. All I’ve ever wanted was to have a homebirth. After giving birth three…

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Holiday Gift Guide for the New Parent

christmas gift guide

It’s the time of year where holiday gift guides are coming out and I wanted to chime in with my recommendations for the new parent. What’s different about this gift guide? After a baby shower, and spending months preparing for a new baby, the last thing a brand new parent needs is more *stuff* to…

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Top 5 Pregnancy Blogs

pregnant woman reading tablet in kitchen

Today I’m sharing a collection of birth-related posts written by my friends and colleagues that I think are beautifully written and really touch on some great topics related to pregnancy, birth and doula support. I hope you enjoy! 1. “The best thing I bring to your birth” by Jen LeClair First up I want to…

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LaLaBu Babywearing shirt Review!

babywearing shirt

Today I wanted to do something a bit different than I’ve done in the past and share a review of LaLaBu’s soothe shirt. LaLaBu is a company founded on the principle of “simple babywearing”and giving back to the global community. When you make a purchase from LaLaBu not only are you going to improve your…

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Self-Care and Leaving your Baby

postpartum doula

A question I get asked often about postpartum is “when can I leave my baby to get a hair cut/have a massage/have some quiet time/visit with my friends and how do I do it?” The answer to that question will be very different for every parent, but in general you can feel free to step…

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RIP Kate Spade- Reflections of a Mamapreneur

Today I was deeply saddened to hear that Kate Spade a beloved designer took her own life. She was 55. I always feel a tremendous sense of loss when I hear about anyone taking their own lives. Suicide is extremely tragic and complex, always leaving a deep sadness in my heart for the person who…

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The Essential Baby Checklist

What do I really need for baby??? Are you asking yourself this question right now as you walk the aisles at your local baby store? Has a feeling of overwhelm set in as you think about the hundreds of dollars you feel you need to spend now that you’re getting ready to welcome your little…

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The rebozo connection.


I had the opportunity to attend a rebozo technique workshop in Toronto this weekend at Yoga Mamas and what I learned today was phenomenal! I am so excited to bring these new techniques into my work and support my clients in a whole new way. Historically the rebozo (pronounced Re-Bo-So) has been associated with colonialism…

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