LaLaBu Babywearing shirt Review!

Today I wanted to do something a bit different than I’ve done in the past and share a review of LaLaBu’s soothe shirt.

LaLaBu is a company founded on the principle of “simple babywearing”and giving back to the global community.

babywearing shirt

Me wearing my middle child in the lalabu soothe shirt.

When you make a purchase from LaLaBu not only are you going to improve your postpartum experience, but 2% of your purchase goes to local charities and YOU can choose where to direct your purchase. Options at the time of writing include supporting adoption, empowering women entrepreneurs, funding conception assistance and investing in startups doing good in their communities.

I have personally used this shirt with two of my newborn babies and wish that I had had it with my first because it was so helpful to my postpartum period. It made life so much easier for me by giving me hands free time while also giving my baby the closeness they needed to feel safe and secure.

It is my top recommendation to parents when asked about babywearing newborns because of it’s simplicity!

Trying to figure out the best kind of carrier or wrap can be incredibly overwhelming because there are so many of them on the market and you can easily spend hundreds of dollars on wraps or carriers that simply do not work for you. Most buckle-style carriers require you to use an infant insert for newborns, and can be quite comlicated to get the baby in comfortably and happy. Wrap fabric is very long and can be overwhelming for new parents.

Enter LaLaBu. Their soothe shirt was the perfect addition to my wardrobe and babywearing repertoire. It is a shirt with a pouch in the front for your baby as well as nursing access. Perfect!

When I first received my shirt I was so excited! I found that with frequent nursing and frequent diaper changes, the shirt was the easiest and fastest option for me. I would just open the pouch and slide my baby in and voila! Cozy happy baby and relaxed mama with her hands free. It doesn’t get any better than that! It was so helpful for running errands, frequent nursing and diaper changes, going out for dinner, going for walks and so much more.

The shirt helps promote skin-to-skin and bonding as well as making baby feel safe and secure against mom or dad’s chest.

(That’s right! There’s a mens style as well!)

soothe shirt

My husband wearing our youngest in the dad shirt.

This shirt became a go-to for me for the first 6 months of my baby’s life. It can be worn up until 15 pounds so you will get some great use out of it and babies love it because it mimics a womb-like environment.

Why I love it:

  1. It’s made in the USA
  2. It makes baby wearing simple and easy for anybody
  3. It’s convenient- nursing access, a shirt and a carrier all in one garment. You’re no longer struggling with buckles, ring slings or wraps (save that for after the 4th trimester)
  4. It promotes bonding
  5. It’s stylish
  6. It is so quick and easy to put baby in and out of (great for frequent diaper changes, cluster feeding and running errands)
  7. I can be hands-free while still giving my baby the closeness they need.
  8. This product offers all the benefits of babywearing but simplified! No buckles, newborn inserts, rings, wrapping or youtube turtorials!


If you want to try this shirt out for you or your partner I have a promo code for you! Use the code ameliadoula20 to save 20% off your entire purchase at LaLaBu and let me know how the shirt works out for you!

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