Top 5 Pregnancy Blogs

Today I’m sharing a collection of birth-related posts written by my friends and colleagues that I think are beautifully written and really touch on some great topics related to pregnancy, birth and doula support. I hope you enjoy!

1. “The best thing I bring to your birth” by Jen LeClair

First up I want to share this beautiful post written by my friend Jen LeClair of Mama Bear Doula Care. Her post “The Best Thing I Bring to your Birth” is so great– because it really gets to the heart of doula work, which can be done with or without our bags of tricks. It doesn’t take a big bag full of goodies to make a good doula. If you’re pregnant and learning more about doulas this is a great read. Find out more here.

pregnant woman reading tablet in kitchen2. “So you’re considering a homebirth” by Ashley Harrison

If you’re on the fence about a homebirth, my friend Ashley founder of Hello Bebe breaks it all down in this amazing post she wrote including some really great statistics about the safety of homebirth in our province. Homebirth is available to anyone in Ontario who is experiencing a low risk pregnancy and is under the care of midwives. Go check it out here.

3. “What food do you bring to a birth?” By Giovanna Aiello

Bringing food to your birth is so important! Staying hydrated and nourished will really help improve your birth experience. It’s now accepted that eating and drinking in labour is not inherently dangerous, and having some healthy and nutritious snacks to nibble on for both yourself and your partner is a great idea. Trust me- you’ll thank us later! Read her roundup of some great light and nutritious foods that are great to bring along here.

4. “5 Tips for Easier Labour” By Gina Dolski

A fellow #bebobabe and doula, Gina is the founder of The Sown Seed and has written this fabulous post on what you can do to have an easier labour. The suggestions are so simple yet can make all the difference! Go check it out!

5. “5 tips to get more sleep with a newborn” By Johanna Brinkley Tomlinson

Johanna is also a fellow #bebobabe and Infant Sleep Educator. This post will surprise you– because as Infant Sleep Educators our answers are rarely about changing the baby but changing the environment or adjusting expectations. Check it out here.

After you’ve had the chance to read these share some of your own personal favorite pregnancy and birth posts in the comments!



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  1. Jen Darby on October 3, 2018 at 7:30 pm

    Amelia, love this post, super helpful tips in all of these articles and perfect timing for me 🙂

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