Top Things to do when you’re pregnant in Brampton (Spring/Summer Edition!)

As someone who was born and raised in this city, I gotta say, I love Brampton. It is such a vibrant and growing city with lots to do. I’ve seen Brampton change a lot in the past 34 years and I love that there are so many things to do in the downtown core of the city!

Here I’m going to share with you a bunch of things you can do in this city while you’re pregnant. And this is the fun stuff… not pack your hospital bag or take a childbirth ed class… I have a post on that coming later. This is the fun, enjoy without baby, take in the culture stuff!

So without further ado… here we go!


 1. Take in a show at The Rose Theatre

The Rose has seen so many great artists and shows including  Jann Arden, Rupi Kaur and Beauty and the Beast. I love the size of the theater, there is no bad seat in the house thanks to the theatre’s smaller size. Even if your spot is in the back row you’ll still have a great view and a great experience! What a great way to spend some quality time with your partner or other special person in your life before baby arrives.

2. Have a nice meal out on the town

If you plan to have dinner before your show, be sure to bring your ticket with you to the restaurant. Some restaurants in Brampton offer you a discount on your meal if you present your ticket. For the full list of participating restaurants click here.

Dining out becomes difficult for most after the arrival of a new baby. It can be overwhelming to even think of getting out to a restaurant with a new baby. It’s also nice to spend time connecting with your partner before the birth. Some great places to check out are Vesuvios Ristorante and Freshly Thai. Both are family run businesses located in downtown Brampton.

Freshly Thai is a restaurant founded by three sisters and serves traditional Thai food. They are accommodating of all special dietary needs including allergies and vegan or vegetarian diets. They are located in downtown Brampton at the corner of Queen St and George St.

Vesuvios is one of the oldest restaurants in Brampton, opened in 1963 and serves traditional Italian food. It has recently undergone a total renovation and all the decor has been completely updated. The food is excellent and the service great! This is one to check out for sure if you love a great Italian meal!

Click here for a full list of restaurants downtown.

3. Take in a movie at Garden Square


During the summer months there are weekly movies played at garden square downtown. The square is full of adirondak chairs, but if that’s not your thing then be sure to bring your favorite chair from home. Grab a cool drink from Starbucks or a burger from the The Works and you’ll be all set. These should be starting up again in a few weeks. The link to Garden Square also feature lots of other events held throughout the year including the Christmas Market.

4. Stroll the Farmer’s Market Saturday mornings

The Brampton’s farmer’s market is a great chance to buy locally grown produce, meat and other goodies, but you can also enjoy the vendor market in the square that features local artisans. There you’ll find locally made jewelry, stained glass pieces, bath and body products and all kinds of other lovely things! The Farmer’s market runs from June 16- September 1st from 7am-1pm this year. If you’re not pregnant in the summer you can also visit the Harvest Market in the fall or The Village Market in Mount Pleasant which runs on Thursdays from June 21-

October 4th from 4-8pm which is a great option for you if you work during the day.

5. Enjoy a picnic

Pick a park. Any park. Brampton has so many to choose from but my choice would be Kiwanis Park which is across from Shopper’s World, just south of Peel Village Parkway. Kiwanis park is part of the network of trails that connect the Etobicoke Creek trail, and there is lots of shade and a beautiful bridge.

6. Rejuvenate with a massage

Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without some pampering! Pay a visit to Charlene Borg at Rejuve Massage Therapy Clinic on Church street and you won’t be disappointed. From start to finish the entire experience is relaxing and a welcome reprieve from the stressors of daily life. Massage therapy can be really helpful for coping with the complaints of pregnancy such as a sore back or headaches, and the services may be covered by your health care benefits.


7. Energy Healing Reiki

Christine Massey is a local Reiki Master located in downtown Brampton who delivers a beautiful, relaxing and healing experience from start to finish. Reiki is a beautiful form of energy healing that can be especially helpful in processing emotions or fears that you are holding on to surrounding your pregnancy and birth.

8. Prenatal Yoga

Head on over to Kaulika yoga and pilates studio in the old shoe factory downtown to experience the wonder that is prenatal yoga. All levels of experience are welcome– you don’t need to have ever practiced yoga to be able to enjoy the class. Prenatal yoga can be so invigorating, relaxing and healing. You will get to connect with other pregnant women in the community, share stories and practice yoga positions for pregnancy (these are called asanas). Prenatal yoga is good for you on so many levels- physically to help prepare for birth and make pregnancy easier and emotionally as you connect with other women and their energy.

9. Join a women’s meditation circle.

Mindful Intentions- Women’s Mindfulness Group  is a great way to get started with mindfulness. If you are looking for mindfulness practice and community with women, then this is place to be. You get to connect and share with other women, participate in group meditation, and explore you potential and purpose. Group energy is an amazing thing to experience, and with meditation circles generally held on a monthly basis, you may be able to continue this practice during the postpartum period as self care and as a way to stay connected with yourself and your essence.

10. Go to a local mom and baby show

Founded by Linda Nguyen, Moms & Minis is a community for moms and moms-to-be and will be hosting a vendor market on Sunday June 24th from 10:00am- 2:00pm at the Brampton Fairgrounds. There will be plenty of local vendors who focus specifically on pregnancy, new motherhood and babies– I’ll be there myself with a vendor table– come on out and “Meet the doula” and get sneak peek at my new breastmilk keepsake jewelry.


This is just a sample of all the things you can do in Brampton while pregnant. There are always exciting events going on that you can take in, whether free or paid. If you’d like to find out about more going on in Brampton then click here.

My suggestion: try choosing the things that will be more difficult to do once baby arrives such as dinner and a show and try to include some pampering and healing activities that soothe your soul. I’ve included a bit of both here.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Brampton while Pregnant?

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